Monday Stats:
Jog: 2 miles
35 minutes AND non stop candy eating--wrappers a flyin-and buggy a chompin on any chocolate within 20 feet of her! laugh2
Hello everyone!
Sorry I've been missing in action. Halloween madness. Storybook parade on friday. Then ended up in ER with chest pains and 3 wee bugs with me. no Turns out it was only costochondritis. Gave me a good scare. I couldnt sleep. I kept feeling like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. Tramadol and steroids and was cleared. He said he could give me that pill...ack can remember the name but i'd have to stay the night. no tanx! eyes Ekg was good this time thankfully. The last couple have been abnormal.

Saturday and sunday I rested. I only went out for the kids Halloween trick or treating. THAT in itself was some cardio! 2 hrs of hoofing around at the mall and donaldson street that goes all out for haunted houses and trick or treats! clap

Today i felt rested enough to venture out! Took it very slow though and skipped krav. GG isnt feeling well...sinuses are kickin us left and right. So she's hoping to join krav as an official member by the end of the week. cheerleader

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween! rainbow