I joined the gym some weeks ago.

There is a different class every day (I currently go to one class a week) and every week each class varies it's focus. All kinds of exercise aids are used.

Initially, I found the classes hard and after a day or so settled back down to normal and felt my overall flexibility and fitness seemed to be improving. But over the weeks I am starting to feel worse and worse after every class and it is taking longer for me to feel back to normal.

It is not using muscels that I do not usually use that is the problem. I would expect to feel it a bit in my legs, arms, thighs etc. But I don't think I am imagining it, that my main AS sites seem to be getting seriously aggrevated.

My main problem areas are my neck (which also causes referred pain in the form of blinding headaches), shoulder blades, lower back, buttocks and feet. All these areas are causing me problems and after my class on Monday I am feeling the worst I have since I started.

Can I actually be making my AS worse here, instead of better?

Or do I just need to work through a pain barrier as I have not exercised like this in many years?

I am going to see the doctor for some advice, but wondered what you guys thought?

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