It IS frustrating isn't it?
I know how much things have been getting you down lately, Kevin and that your life has been affected in so many ways by your AS mad
My AS is not advanced and I have no fusion. I just get inflammation, swelling, pain, stiffness, fatigue etc and that is only when I am in a flare. I can feel fine most of the time.

AS and your body really seem to work against each other, don't they?
AS seems to sabatage any efforts you make to try and improve or ease your AS symptoms - by causing your body to flare up and get inflamed. It's just a senseless illness confused2

I need to slow down, I can see that now. I was blindly hoping I could break through the pain barrier. I think the pain barrier is my AS flaring up because my body can't take the paces I am putting it through. Better just face facts.
Thanks for talking sense to me, Kevin heart

Are you walking Scoobs today? It is raining a lot here, not sure if I will take the kids for a walk - they have colds and coughs.

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