Tink - IF it hurts, STOP. You will only exacerbate areas 'of' inflammation. I love cleaning paddocks and mucking out stables - great exercise as well. But...all that scooping ends up hurting my carpal tunnel, heaving shovel loads of poop and wheeling barrow loads of it and throwing it up onto the muck heap, exacerbates sacrum problems (ended up with a humungous bursitis one time!) Heaving those shovel loads cause inflammation in the shoulder girdle, and sure aint good for costo. Great - Not! Don't weaken, but take it easy.

Flippin bore. Sigh.

Go to the gym by all means, but, do NOT overdo it. Let yr body 'tell' you where you are at. So, it con't mean *Stop everything. Continue to go, but, be careful. Spell yourself.

Perhaps a word with yr instructor would be in order. The instructor should know which exercises are good for you, which ones need modification and which exercises to leave out of the regime altogether.

Go well - go carefully.

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS