Good advice, Orch
Appreciate you giving me a working example there from your personal experience.

I thought doing one class a week WAS taking it slowly, but maybe I just didn't want to admit that even one class is way out of my comfort zone at the moment.

I have been swimming plenty through the summer and added walking into my almost daily routine now.
I thought this was enough to prepare me for an exercise class.
Especially as some of my friends do three classes per week with no problem.
I am obviously not in the same league and need to tone it right down.

However spoilt I sound, I just don't want to!
As the day is going on though, having been resting/gently stretching my pain is increasing and I can feel myself stiffening up especially in my neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. I think this is more than just straining myself in the class, I am flaring and it really hurts.

Thanks so much for the input, I really appreciate it smile

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