Hi Steve
You make a very good point about the variety of exercise making it difficult to determine what movements are causing the problem. Sounds obvious now you have said it! lol

As I go through the class, anything which does not feel quite right or actually causes me pain, I stop straight away and have a drink of water and breath for a bit. I step back in when I am on safer ground, but even doing this is not enough to stop me from being in pain afterwards.

I could not even consider going to a class the way I feel today. I went to the last class on Monday and have been gradually feeling worse not better.

The gym class is obviously not something I can continue with at the moment.

I am not sure what the doctor will say either, but I can at least get some advice about what low impact activities I can do in my area and what he recommends.

Thanks for taking the time to offer me some much valued advice grin

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