Just a thought Tink - how's abuot checking IF the CHU Bordeaux has Spondy exercise classes going there? Know that is summat that EULAR are wanting to/hoping to introduce in France, know NOT available here in Britany, but, might be available at a first class hospital like CHU Bordeaux. Have you been to see the rheumy consultant there as yet?

Back a step - neighbours? Ya never know kiddo. Feel a move coming on...hahaha Will be looking for a cheap house with largish rooms and an open fireplace. Will need 'good' storage, and enough room for hundreds of books. Plus a small garden - but NO hedges! Prefer mains drains etc...fosse septic are a devil of a pain whistle

Rain here, high winds, not too cold, just utterly vile (the chucks are fed up with it, they are drenched through, poor dears.)

Take care - BTW have you got Pilates classes near to you? Pilates are excellent.

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS