Louise, you are an angel angel3d

Thank you so much for the professional advice (cheque is in the post!)lol

We did do one week where we did tons of twisting (with the song let's twist again in the background) now you come to mention it, and that did cause me problems! When I twist my torso I find it impedes my breathing and makes me short of breath, I get this kind of grinding thing.

Jumping also - we did sort of bunny hops at one point in the last lesson and that did not feel great either, so I rested that bit out after a couple of jumps.

I am not embarrassed to take things at my own pace, I have not told the instructor that I have AS, but she does keep a good eye on me and corrects me if I am not in a good posture etc because I am new to the class.

I like the idea of still going to the class but not participating fully. That is certainly something to consider. I am not good at putting the breaks on, however, I tend to throw myself into things, push myself and try to give it my best (as I had always done before my AS kicked in in my early 20's). Slowing down to protect myself is not so easy. Having said that, the way I feel today I do not have much choice in the matter.

Thanks so much for your kind advice, hon hugss

I am not totally sure if I have done myself an injury or another by going to this class week on week or if pushing myself too hard has brought on a flare. It feels like a bit of both. If I have inflammation due to overdoing it is it better to rest or to carry on doing a bit of exercise? I guess this is where the doctor comes in, as he can access me and advise me in person.

I love exercising and sport, always have. I love being active and doing things. This is a bit of a knock for me, but I will get over it. Things could be much worse.

As I sit here typing I feel like some of my muscels in my neck and back are in spasm. My body is definitely not happy at all today.

Take care, Louise
Love Tink heart

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