Hello fitness buddy, Sue cheerleader

Thanks so much for your reply I really enjoyed reading it.

You are a great ambassador for walking! The opportunity I get to walk is with my girls after school - not on my own at my own pace - I am certainly NOT complaining though - I LOVE my walks with the girls it's great fun/exercise for all of us and is my favourite part of the day.

But my class gets me out of the house, out with my friends and insures I actually do some regular exercise. However hard I try to exercise at home, I find I get swamped with household/children/daily routines.

From everyone's hugely helpful input I think I can make the class work for me if I start at snails pace - avoid anything out of my comfort zone and completely abandon any sort of exercise aids whatsoever!

I guess I did not realise my limitations until I reached them (and then some!) It's quite a shock to me to discover that I am not superwoman after all laugh2

KickAS and help others do the same!