Really appreciate you sharing how you judge how much is enough and when to carry on when you are exercising - very helpful indeed smile

I keep coming back to the question of:

*Should we always play it safe and wait patiently until we can easily achieve whatever exercise we are doing before, very gently taking it up a notch OR

*Can we ever push our selves like a completly fit and healthy person would do? I don't mean to the point of hurting yourself (like I just have blush) I mean pushing through the pain barrier a little.

From what you have shared I can see the difference very clearly.

You are pushing yourself on to ease your pain in the long run and recognising when you are hurting because you body needs to rest not exercise.

I have been confusing the two things and had not heard my body's protests against what I have been doing until it decided to bellow it from the rooftops at me!

I think once I have let my body rest and recover I can take the slower approach and back off at any sign of trouble.

What you have said has really helped, Dow, Thanks rainbow grin rainbow

KickAS and help others do the same!