I am pleased to report that I went to my gym class last night and came home in one piece!

New Approach:
*I started, continued and finished, slowly at my own pace.
*I paid VERY close attention to my body and what was working and what wasn't (not parts of my body, the exercises!)
*I avoided everything that would put any strain at all on my neck, back and feet (upperbody and arm work, jogging, star jumps, leg lifts etc)

*I did feel the benefit of some cardio
*I did feel the benefit of some stretching
*I did participate in some of the toning and strengthening exercises
*But I did not push myself hard, strain myself or injure myself in any way!

I can't say enough how much I appreciate everyone's advice! Every single bit has been helpful in my new approach to the class.

As a side note, I have given my doctor a letter with a copy of my DX notes and am going to see him this week to discuss my situation with him - as I have not as yet, registered my condition in this country (don't ask!)

KickAS and help others do the same!