Tuesday Stats: Krav CB: 60 minutes

Hello fellow sporting ka folks!!!
I had to find my mojo again...was lost the lsst two weeks with wee bugs sick and myself as well. But things are settling in! yahoo! rainbow

Tonights class was strength and building up your endurance. I find that helps me alot more than strat cardio. Cardio is too much for me and almost aways sets off my asthma. eyes We did a new little exciting exercise...halo crunches or situps..whichever you could handle. Had one of my fav instructors. He is non stop..and thats what I need. I struggle so much with the pain that when i hurt...pushing myself to get through it makes me feel better. sounds crazy but it works. I did the gym years ago and never felt this way. I guess I kind of feel like if i can survive AS in my face and body 24/7 then i can push through this. I found that if I stop and break it makes it worse. Because you get your ..whats it called? umm...endrendolin going? sorry cant remember how to spell it! blush

Another part is that I hate feeling like a weenie....I feel stronger than when I was alot healthier in my early 20's! lol I figure I have nothing to lose...and once it's done and i'm exhausted..I've released all my stress for the day...
and when u have three bugs and a silly hubby then you need all the help you can get! laugh2

I also spoke to the instructor about the 3x class! he said its great. and i asked about weights..he said i can use 1 lbs..yahoo!! as long as you dont stop. if you stop for a break for a few minutes you have to start all over again getting your heart rate up. Which I've always kept up...even if hurting...just slow it down...so looks like i'll be tossing in a new class! AND starting december 8th i think they will have a KRAV Maga I self defense for women only taught by krav women instructors only!! cheerleader i have no problems with male instructors..the majority are male there...but me thinks it was the incident with the bully father/son when i went with my gianna. so action was taken and i am pleased! rainbow bullies are not welcome in my frienship circle! eyes so we can try it out for 8 weeks for free even if you are only signed up for fitness classes! miss gianna is pleased!

okay..soma is hitting me now..so time for me to hit the sackaroni pepperonis...my legs and thighs are sore...i'm walking like franken-buggie! laugh2 as opposed to my usual shufflebugging!
goooo team!! cheerleader clap