Hi all - Erika has given me orders to git me over here cause I go to physio at thehospital... Me? I don't think physio at thehospital could possibly count agin swimming, running an stuff that you guys do. I mean, I just sit or lie there and s-t-r-e-t-c-h...not really quite the same thing! But got me orders, sooooo

Attend hospital physio three times per week. Mon, Tues & Fri. Have two sessions on each of those days, one 45 mins physio and the other 45 mins specialist shoulder training - got a bit of a torn rotator + impingement from osteophytes. Want to avoid surgery at all costs!

There is 'supposed' to be balnotherapy (water therapy) but no sign of that as yet. Now, I LOATHE swimming pool anything, so getting me into shared water is gonna be...diff. Am quite likely to refuse. Have an excellent excuse, no swimming costume, an that is how I'll try to keep matters <VBG>

Inbetween PT at the hospital I sort of do some stetches sat on my ball-chair at my computer. Not quite the same thing, but no floor area for floor exercises an pointless doing em on the bed. So that is out. But can dfo the sitting ones. Otherwise it is the occasional bit of gardening. But now winter, so not much gardening involvement.

Can't really see that I qualify for attending this ere fitness group ya know. But there ya go. OK, next exercise, is go to bed...take up book an read! <LOL>

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS