Hi Tink! cheerleader
Sorry it took me so long to respond. Busy week again.
As far as my hubby...18 yrs, and 3 kids later and he still has his moments every day of "ummm...where are the socks?" ack!! eyes They are so used to momma bug having things in a certain order. He's very helpful when I flare up. He's so good to me. Especially when i first got sick. Boy he took in alot. And he still does. But sometimes...eek! lol

Anywho...Exactly what type of class are you taking Tink? Is it a bootcamp or cardio?

My class is incredibly difficult. And for months I struggled. But I would never stop. The instructers always emphasize that even if you are tired, just slow down. So that helped me even though at the time it didnt feel like it. It's like reaching a new plateau if that makes sense. As far as the cardio...I HATE it. laugh2

Henry for example loves it. He's like an energizer bunny. And he does jogging in place but high knees. I simply cant do it. So i just march in place. Sometimes I try. But my knees are way too wobbly. Now for some insane reason I can do endless jumping jacks...is that what you mean by star jumping? rainbow It has helped my back and shoulders a tremendous amount. Breathing is a BIG part of it too. If you have the breathing down..then it makes it so much easier. In out, in out. For Buggy..I do the short puffs and it helps. When you are out of breath stand upright and put your hands over your head or crossed behind your neck. You get more oxygen that way as opposed to what most folks do which is lean forward with hands on knees. yes

Stretching. I've been doing this for a little over a year and my flexibility is still the SAME. lol. I have AS to thank for that. I cant touch my toes. I cant even get half way. I've accepted it. My instructers dont get mad..they know I try. Do what you can...pay no mind to what the others can do. I have ladies that are like pretzels and i just pfffft it off..show offs! Lol laugh2 We lay on the floor reaching for toes. The lifting of the back leg ala flamingo style. All the stretching helps. So try to do as much as you can. It really HELPS with your recovery the next day. Its like a good hurt.

What do 500g equal to in lbs? I use 1lbs or 2lbs. And with a hard class it feels like 20! But dont ever feel bad if you cant use them. You work yourself up to it. I couldnt do pushups for almost 6 months. I did modified. But it helped my back the most. That and the jumping jacks. When they do lunges..buggie wants to cry..so I do half...or I just do a squat. They offer us that option to. I understand your pain and thinking maybe you are over your head..but you are trying and that is when you should pat yourself on the back! I see folks that are healthy and whining or quitting. So you even trying is to be commended! hugss

I do alot of bag work and thats my favorite part. It has helped build muscle in these chicken wings of mine. But sometimes they use a stepper. And they'll tell us if you cant jump on and off or side to side...then tap it side to side or step on and off. The key is not to stop. They tell us if it hurts and you want to cry from the soreness then its a good thing. Because you are working through the pain. I used to think they were nuts. But they were right. After awhile you get past it. Not the same as if your back is having spasms from doing it or you are out of breath, or you are in pain as in it hurts you in a bad way. I hope this makes sense?

Because we do situps...and I have a VERY hard time with my si joints. They ALWAYS hurt. But I know that I have to use a mat on top for comfort if not I'll be a wreck the next day. Do you do situps? If so ..here's a tip: folks have a tendency to stop when they are tired flat on their back out of breath. BIG mistake. You dont want to get up then. Keep your shoulders in a rolled position and keep rolling up each time barely touching the mat. If you do that you work through that hard part and you get a burst of energy. Alot stop and are out of breath and then start all over then their backs hurt even more. But when you keep it ligth and breath through your core all the time (your abs) and breathe out as you are sitting up...it makes a world of difference! roll

Sorry to ramble. Trying to offer everything I've learned through blood sweat and tears lol laugh2 If you have any q's feel free to ask me or pm me any ol' time! We also use resistance bands. I use the weakest. I dont care. Still do the same one I started with. My shoulders cant handle more. And its better than some that use the harder ones but then they have to jerk or pull their body back hard to pull it and thus defeating the purpose of working the muscles properly. Same with weights. I use the yellow band that is beginners but i have definition and breaks in my biceps, triceps and shoulders are defined. Something I never thought I would see again even when I was healthy many moons ago at the gym. rainbow

Hope this helps a bit...
your sporting bug is proud of ya' and everyone here! cheerleader gooo team!!