Hopeless. went to PT today - whole day, nowt achieved. Attended occupational therapy this morning. V. boring. Could do everythung they decided to throw at me - which wasn't much. Then HOURS of doing nothing with hospital 'lunch' to break the monotomy. Then saw the Dr, who told me I'd be doing balneotherapy (hydrotherapy) next week unless I decided not to...haha Them at 3.15 having been there since 9.30a.m. had a 'supposed' PT session. Sigh. The gal adamitted that she didn't 'know' what she was 'supposed' to be doing with me, so, gave me a massage then placed a hot pad under my shoulders. End of day.

Totally pointless. When I went to sit up it was painful as my chest resettled itself, so got told off for not taking pain killers! Bumped into the Dr in the corridor who told me off for not taking pain killers - told me that I make the therapists nervous as I am in pain and don't take pain killers. All so flippin daft. Think I'm gonna chuck this nonsense in. In two weeks have only had two decent PT sessions. Idiocy.

Gave them copies of Manatee's work outs AND the A'S'S (American Spondy Association) work outs, but they don't take it on board - except for the young guy, but he is a temp placement, and not there next week. Don't think I'm gonna be there next week either...! All such a waste of my time and of course, theirs as well.

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