Keep us posted Tink! cheerleader
I can only echo what most everyone said which is listen to you body. and modify what you have to modify. When working with intense classes that vary each time it's also good to work up to in least 2x a week...IF possible. It helps even if it doesnt seem that way at the moment. The owner of the KRav I go to used to tell us that. I didnt believe it. But it was true. When we missed more than a couple of'd back track. Your body would literally be starting over. eyes

I still cant touch my toes...will never be able to. lol. Cant do alot of the stuff. I slow down. I cant do high knee jogging. I cant do alot. But I can keep moving. On the EXTRA bad days I just take it easy. They've talked to us about getting our heart rate up...and thats when you really start to feel your energy level shoot up out of nowhere. Kind of hard to explain. They told us the last 15 min of class where the most important and where you'd burn the most calories. But they also bring us back down properly. Today was one of those days...I thought surely I was in a nightmare. lol laugh2 But afterwards...tired. full of sweat but i felt good. a sore good. tonight i'll hobble. but for one hour i was superbug!

keep up the good work!! proud of you!! luv buggie! hug