Erica, you are fantastic!
Seriously laugh
Have just printed off pain map and have begun filling it in.
Excellent idea to print off 3 for different pain levels as you described - this being such a variable disease and all.
It was weird, because even though I'm ANA+ and my sister has lupus, he zeroed right in on my inflexible spine and sacrum pain. All along I'd been saying my hip hurt, and he said "point to your hip", and I pointed to my sacrum. Then he drew the blood for the RF and HLAB27. The guy's a genius!

Thanks so much for passing on this guy's genius to me! I hear everyone talking about where their pain is all the time and I realise that I know even less about human anatomy that I thought crazy I have been googling away and have much more of an idea where my pain is in technical terms now. Thanks for the heads up on this.

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