Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
Tuesday: Womens only KravMaga Level I Self defense: 60 min.
Thursday: 2 miles @ 1 hour at Woodlawn Park

We ate so much yesterday..GG suddenly wanted to go walk. So rather than be a stick in the mud I went. Ack...it got cold! But it was fun! We ran into 2 boxers male and female too! woof G tells me "mommie, ummm..Bubba's bigger than all the boxers we see!" Yep..he's a big boy! He loves this weather too! We wrapped it up because it dipped down to 30 last night and tonight down to 25. But we walked off some turkey, fruit salad, mashed potatoes, corn, gravy, endless rolls, pumpkin pie, and some tres leches cake my father picked up from a lovely little bakery..the best i've tried yet! yes
tomorrow is petes annual birthday afterthanksgiving workout. 3 hours of nonstop insanity. 30 min of each class. i wont make all of them. but i'll try in least a couple. i'm starting to gobble outloud! laugh2
goooo team!! cheerleader