Oh what fun...hehehe So long as the wee cart with its four footed ones could manage the 23 odd miles to the hospital (let alone the 40 odd miles to the gym!! Sheesh, we'd be travelling all day...<LOL>)

Just been talking to my rehab Dr (he is sooooo nice, a 'good' person) he agrees that they weren't quite 'hacking' it for me, so is looking around for an alternative programme - perhaps just going in once a week to the hospital, starting early nxt yr (after this white stuff has done its 'thing'). We'll see what transpires.

Meantime, a 50 mins drive to get to the gym in this weather just aint on. Been snowing all day here today, and now icing over. Lethal out. Hardly any market today, just 4 stalls and no-one about. Doesn't half put a dampener on life. Grizzle-grizzle...

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS