Hola Molly! rainbow
Oh I know it's not funny. I bowled over and the 4 letter words that spilled outta my mouth...i was in pain. blush

Women usually are asked to wear a mouth piece in level II and men the protectors from I on up. I've not had a problem until last night. Had she looked before she struck it would have easily been avoided. I dont fall in Krav. They've taught us proper stance. Legs have to be apart in the stance. If you're a smaller frame like I am then they tell you a wee bit more and it helps you a tremendous amount. Your stance is what keeps you from being toppled over or injured. I learned that fairly quickly from my early days last year. For some reason it came quite naturally to me. But we get new members all the time. Some have already been mugged, assaulted, or frightened. So they often are either very timid or nervous reaction and hit before re-thinking steps they taught us. Plus the ground is completely padded. Even more than the bag class. But I've never toppled over. I always dig in my heels, left foot in front of right and i'm safe. When they did the front and side padded man attack simulations--that simple stance prevented the ladies from being shoved by him. Very effective. yes

But I'm off to my bed now with remote in hand and ready to watch some History channel! rainbow