i'm really impressed! thanks for sharing those experiences.

backpacking along the appalachian trail with the scouts through high school pales in comparison, though i enjoyed that thoroughly as well. tying the food up in the trees and cooking it down by the stream downwind / upwind ? of camp so the bears didn't find us at night was an interesting experience. these days we just do short day hikes locally.

only been out west a few times, but each time it was beautiful. in high school, went to a girl scout camp in wyoming that no longer belongs to the scouts. think its part of the nature conservancy's land now. all the hiking we did there was great. and then took a bus up to yellowstone and the grand tetons. and then later in my early 30s went out to yosemite. i remember thinking, "if i wasn't married, i'd find a job in one of the tourist shops and just stay." and the red woods in muir woods, very serene and quiet.

so much natural beauty in the world. and for you to be able to experience it so closely and intimately, can appreciate how much you must have enjoyed those experiences.


Spondyloarthropathy, HLAB27 negative
Humira (still methylprednisone for flares, just not as often. Aleve if needed, rarely.)
LDN/zanaflex/flector patches over SI/ice
vits C, D. probiotics. hyaluronic acid. CoQ, Mg, Ca, K.
walk, bike
no dairy (casein sensitivity), limited eggs, limited yeast (bread)