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Maybe your uncle made his own maps and detailed notes. Or maybe he just kept it in his head.
Kinda both, I guess! You got me to dig up the 1976 copy of his book: "Close Ups of The High Sierra" that my mom wanted me to have many years ago, and I found this in the editor's notes:

"For Norman is a quiet, often taciturn man. He has often failed to leave a record of his achievements, has never been heard to boast of his fabulous ascents. Yet, since he made his first trip to the top of Mt. Whitney, almost a half century ago, climbers have been finding his records on remote summits. A strong team of skilled rock climbers will conquer a lonely spire, using the most modern of climbing gear and techniques and win through with well co-ordinated teamwork to find on a faded Kodak box the record of a solo climb of three decades ago. Or, at the high point of a distant ridge will be found a small cairn, but no written record. Obviously the work of man, and one mountaineer will turn to his companion with, "Well, it looks like a first ascent, except for Norman Clyde." Later, discussing the route with him, Clyde would ponder a bit, ask a couple of questions about some difficult pitch encountered on the ascent, then admit he had been there-- a score of years ago."

Wish I could say I have my own personal memories of him to add to this!

but I DID try to work him into our Sedona trip, ha ha

Dow & Marsha Sedona trip