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While I was shoveling the walk I saw some one running on the snowy road. I don't dare run on the snowy road, to easy for the cars to slid and hit me. I went to the gym

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In Norway everyone wears reflecting bands and they pin dangly reflectors on the kids clothes. Not that it would prevent harm from a sliding car, but it amazes me that such a simple thing keeps people from getting hit in the dark. I live in a town with an average age of 63, and people walk, run, and bike all around here in dark colored clothing. It drives me nuts! I'm not trashing older drivers, but there are giant bumpers in front of every single post office parking place for a reason. Plus which I my own self have a cataract, which makes it difficult to see dark clothed people in the rain and/or snow at night. Well, I guess that's enough of my rant.

I appreciate you, too!

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