Ahh Sue..you have some self control. I have lost control. humpty Fortunately the scale didnt budge and for that I am extremely grateful to my Krav! roll I have eaten 8+counting tamales today and ham. I didnt get to eat deviled eggs this Christmas. I overcooked the eggs. shocked2 again. *sigh* Wasnt meant to be! I tend to stuff myself Thanksgiving but Christmas is the worst. But I get it all out of my system and dont crave most of the stuff till the following Christmas. rainbow

I havent had meatballs in forever! Now on my to do cook list! hugss

Please forgive my ignorance..but is Mookie your bird? Cat? Dog? blush2 Sounds like they are quite pleased with the hat!! Bubba chews up ALL his stuffed toys. Only the kong ball lasts but he loses it every time. I bought him these inexpensive doggie biscuit bones at my grocery store a few months back and he and my momma's dog Viva LOVE them. They dont like the Milkbones. Sometimes the beggin strips. But these they cry for. He will literally open the kitchen cabinet with his big schnozz then stare at me, then whine for another. laugh2 The vet was impressed with how white and clean his teeth were. She said there was no tartar and what was I giving him. I told her and she couldnt believe it. Hes got great choppers! grin

We had a relaxing Christmas day! Gianna has quite the active social teenager life so I'm busy chauffering her around. doh They were all happy and have one week left of vacation. I'm exhausted already though b/c they stay up late. Then get up late and I feel drained that way. So going back to a more regular sleep schedule tonight. yes

Good job on four hours!! holy mackarel!! I couldnt do that even if I wanted to!! laugh2