Good evening my mighty ka friends and family! cheerleader
Tues stats: Womens KM: 60 min

I was out of commission after last Wednesday. Too much chauffering my teen around and then eating and having fun New Years Eve. Wont be drinking for a VERY long time again. I rarely get to drink. 2x a year if Art and I are lucky during Christmas or Thanksgiving. hugss Well, Art bought some Spiced rum. Needless to say. it didnt suit well with Buggie. I was in the ICU Buggie bedroom ALL of new Years day sick laugh2 Not to mention it made my GERD go off in a terrible way. no

Anywhos class was great. We had 4 new ladies and it was great! I actually made a breakthrough. I do better when I practice at home. In the SD class I get worried about step by step. This time I focused and pretended my partner was Art. Then the tougher spots I imagined a couple of folks that were really really mean to me once. laugh2 Boy, it made the moves so much easier and smoother! laugh2 They always tell us to get it out. If you had a bad day at work, or tired. Get it out in class. I felt so good. I was able to go through everything the first time. I felt more relaxed even when they had us go up one by one and close our eyes and wait for attack. cheerleader Our instructor is so great! She's the regular. Only had another a couple of times. But she's so understanding. She even remembered about my joints when we went down the row asking about who has limitations or injuries. She pointed me and another out right away.

New Years resolution for Buggy: To test out of KravI by March. It will be 3 mos of it. Whatever I can handle. Then I'll try to muster up the courage to test. There's only one way but "up" is the way I have to look at it. It's 2011 and AS hasnt kept me down yet. Hurt me, knocked me down in least every day, exhausted me, and made me cry more than a few times. But I'm alive and kickingAS monsters every day!

Goooo team!!! cheerleader