Good evening my friends! cheerleader
Wednesday stats: Krav CB: 60 min
Thurs stats: Krav CB: 60 min

I feel sore but not too horrible. We have an arctic front coming through this weekend. For us thats low 20's. Eek! I'm a force to be reckoned with in class but my bones with cold or humidity and I'm a complete weenie! laugh2

I feel really happy. Yesterday after my regular KM bag class my womens krav instructor came up to me. She was in there to participate in class not teach it. And she said she wanted to thank me for being a part of her womens krav self defense class. I was surprised. She said she loved the positive energy I bring to the class and that I did really great Tuesday! eek2 rainbow I was so happy! I told her that I felt like I broke through some kind of wall or something. She said "You GOT it!" She said she was so pleased at me wailing away with my strikes and that even with the padded instructor I didnt hesitate this time and my moves were smoother and faster. She said another lady that I love in there, and one other and myself were kickin booties. She said the difference was amazing. heart I got teary inside because I told her with my arthritis every day is so difficult and I have to work twice as hard if not 3x harder than a healthy person to try to keep up and the recovery is much harder for my joints. She was so supportive. rainbow

So buggy is content because that night I felt like I had made a big breakthrough as I usually am fluid when I practice at home. But in class when its the moves I can get stiff. monster on my back!! lol. So i'm not as quick. But she was very pleased that I was remembering everything and smoothly. That is a BIG milestone for bugster. Thats just given me that extra boost of confidence I needed for testing in a few months. She's a high level instructor and for her to say that to me meant alot. rainbow

Okay..enough gloating!! I'm just in my happy place right now. Time for my pain med and nite nite time!
GOOoooo team!!! cheerleader