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Steve - MS? LDN is proven to be great for handling MS... Might give it a try! But not if on TNF as the two don't mix, but if want have a word with Dr Lawrence (who has AS, MS and has his iritis under control with the LDN for 20 yrs now...good innings.) Just a heads-up suggestion. OK?

Thanks Molly, I will ask my neurologist about it.

Steve, I printed out the pages on what diseases LDN is effective with, and some info on Dr. Bahari (sp?), and it took me 3 visits to talk my doc into trying it. It's weird that they're resistant sometimes to try things that the drug companies don't market, but the research is what finally spoke to my doc. My mobility is SO much better now than 5 months ago it's amazing. My legs never refuse to move anymore, and my balance is much better. I have three family members with MS, and the one that's taking it has had a drastic energy improvement. She's had it for 35 years, and is still on her feet. Here's the link to the pages I printed out. LDN and autoimmune diseases And here's the one for MS. LDN for MS

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