Good to read, learn, that Sue. Terrif. Great to have a doctor who 'listens' even though it might take a time for it to happen...'smile'.

But, as you are pro TNF drugs then you need to be cognisant of the fact that LDN and the TNF drugs do 'not' go together - they clash! aAs see from recent posts that you are v. pro the TNF drugs? TNF will nullify the LDN - you need to make your choice and stick to it. At least until you have tried it out to a trial, say, a year? Like the Strontium Citrate for Osteoporosis, IF one goes the S.C. route then TWO *years is the time it takes to show 'what' S.C. 'can' do *for one's bone density. Anytime less than the two years, forget doing it/taking it. Waste of time..

But, you are probaby cognisant of all this anyways?

Interesting post for others, though.

How's your regime Sue - think I shall be getting back to mine later this week - Yea! (Driving horses - going for a trial run at it...woo-hoo! Yep. Have me helmet, and all the gear!) Await update... smile

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS