Hello friends!
Bug is back. I was a slug-bug all weekend. Thought I would sleep in Saturday after wee bugs went to bed super late! Nah. They were causing mayhem by 8 am sharp! sleep1 But they were trying hard to keep quiet. Of course their idea of quiet with the 10yr old and 7 yr old is saying "SHHH!! MOM is ASLEEP!! DONT wake her UP!!!" laugh2 hugss They mean well. lol

Yesterday I made us all get out and get ourselves to the afternoon mass at the downtown Cathedral. yes Little man loves Father Tony. He has a very good way with children that all of my kiddos listen to him when he's there. This time we had a different Father but it's okay. rainbow My mom came along with us because Art decided to use the time to get the Christmas tree and lights down. Luckily he did, it's colder and wet outside. Dropping down to 22 or so tomorrow!! EEK!! shocked Also some chatter of snow. Definitely ice. Wow. If there's snow it would be awesome as my children have never touched the stuff there whole lives. Last time it hit here was when I was 17! We had some flurries about 5 yrs ago but the kids snored through it! laugh2

I'm hoping to get to womens class tomorrow. But the thought of venturing in this weather. Just gets me so lazy. Good book and movie weather! I made some roast with carrots, potatoes and rosemary. So yummy! heart Good class tonight! FULL class! Instructor was shocked we had a full class of 100 bags taken considering the nasty weather! Dedication!! You could feel it and it made the class that much more fun! clap

Gooooo team!!!! clap