Ohhhh Tink - a horseriding section, WOW! clap Thank you. Gotta get BB onto this'un, she does occasionally get up and of course Mulehound, Darrel - Heigh, Darrel...git on up here!!

Chucks - yard work. That is every day. At least 15/20 mins yard work. Gotta clean em out, refresh beds, change water,, skip out their run, and feed twice per day. Oh, and collect two eggs - now two eggs. Does that sound like 'hard work'? Have to go check em out twice as, one lays a.m. and tother lays when she feels like it, like between sometime a.m. and sometime much later p.m. Must have a sloooow metabolism!! <LOL> Ohhhh yes, *Very 'hard' yard work. yes <LOL>

Thanks Tink - heart hugss You're a star - snowflake1 (this snowflake will just have to do 'smile')

Walked 20 mins into town for bread, and Radio Times from Agence Press - lovely day, sunshine. Must get me a mileometer or whatever I can find. Shieesh, passed one up when I was n the shop last Wednesday. Will go get one on Monday.

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS