Thank you EricaK, I'm glad I finally found the 'swim team' thread and so happy to be a part of the team! clap

Sue, I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better! I was concerned about you after reading your recent posts. hugss

Tink, I am so glad it's not up to me to keep track of the hours! I mis-counted or my math was wrong doh (uummm, I was in alot of pain and very tired when I posted...and I'm that way again now), so please just count the 5 hours. grin

We are in a medically supervised independent class. Our pool is in the basement of the medical building I used to work in. From our class, you either move up or leave. Some people work mostly in the shallow end, but I'm so lame these days I do all of my work in the deep end. alien Then there are days when I don't do anything but float and try to get some of the kinks relaxed.

If nothing else, we act like a little support group for each other as we are all in similar pain and physical conditions. The dx's include AS, RA, MS, arthritis, spinal stenosis and Parkinsons. Hmmm, there are only 7 people in our class, I wonder who I missed? laugh2 The more fit classes seem to have more people since they all work together at the same time.

I'm off to bed now (again), I have to hold my bed down or it might try to escape, so I'm in it alot! wink

Lillibelle smile