Well Hello Cristina! My name is Christina smile and as most here said every version of that was taken lol prob cuz Cristina's Christina's or Kristina's rock smile
so I went with my yahoo email address lillmiss, bcus I am short, and shrinking lol and 222 is my husb birthday.
Fun thread good to see how everyone chose their names. I love some of the cool screen names on here, gotta go get me a pic for mine now too.
Have a beautiful day everyone

Christina smile

I may have AS, PsA, ReA, SpA and every Itis you can imagine but my Itis's do not define me.
Dx'd April 2008
Prednisone 5mg
Plaquinel 400mg
Enbrel 50mg/week
Methotrexate 25mg/week
Lidoderm 5% patch, love em!
Bio-35 multivit I call them crackamins their great for energy!
and a whole slew of anti-inflammatory and pain pills frown