Many of the substances they list for having dietary fiber that increases butyrate production also has RS - While things like Oat Bran have lots of fiber, they have been shown to not produce large amounts of butyrate:

So I think RS (or some other high butyrate producing fiber) could really benefit the sufferers of AS and inflammatory bowel related disorders.

This article is a goldmine:

They list two possible high butyrate produers:

Roseburia intestinalis
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii

Interestingly enough low levels of F. Prausnitzii are associated with Crohns

R. Intestinalis can ferment glucose, arabinose, cellobiose,
maltose, fructose, raffinose, sucrose, xylose,
xylan and starch:

Looks like long-chain inulin is also butyrogenic:

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