Thanks for the input. I will be cycling along with thousands of other people for a fundraiser ride for Multiple Sclerosis. From Houston to Austin precisely.

Carb loading may be just a myth i am not quite sure. My boss is training for Ironman and he eats lots of carbs (grains, potatoes, rice, beans) and he is like an energizer bunny. On the other hand i am only eating meats and veggies.

I found out that foods like broccoli and raisins and certain drinks from sugar can have significant amount of carbs but in order to knock out 80-90 miles a day on a bike you need more complex carbs.

Who knows .. i will try different foods and see, all i know is that i can't eat starches for more than a few times a week or i start to flare up.

I try not to let AS run my life (everyones level of progression is different). I am fortunate enough that i can still exercise pretty heavily.

Will let you guys know how it goes.

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