i was wondering if any of you had tried coil machines or rife technology to cure or manage your AS. i went on the no-starch/low-starch diet a year ago with some improvement but found out i had a lot more going on.. i got very ill and found out i have lyme disease and am now trying to differentiate what is AS and what is Lyme. Lyme can cause pretty much all symptoms that AS causes so it is confusing. I have been using something called a coil machine, it is similar to a rife machine and it uses electromagnetic frequencies to kill infection. there are certain frequencies that adress klebsiella which is supposedly the culprit for AS, so i have been targeting the klebsiella bacteria to kill off to see if it helps with my back pain. so far it is hard to tell because i am also targeting other infections, and the die off of all of these causes all my symptoms to worsen.
I have however found SO MUCH relief from doing ozone therapy. it has been the only thing throughout my whole journey of AS, Lyme and co-infections that has given me any relief from pain, and has given me my energy back.
I am curious if any of the members here have considered using ozone therapy for AS? i am assuming that it is also killing the overgrowth of klebsiella as ozone kills anything it comes into contact with that is harmful to your body.. while at the same time it heals and helps you detox.
i am also wondering how many people on these boards have been misdiagnosed and actually have lyme disease.. as lyme is the great mimic, and is super hard to test for and get diagnosed. i had to pay over a thousand dollars for the tests that finally confirmed i have lyme. the tests covered by insurance have such a high rate of false negatives it is ridiculous.
anyhow... just wanted to bring this to the forums... see if you all have any thoughts or questions..