Timo - as far as I understand there are Rife machines and Rife machines. The ones, again, as advertiised/referred to in yr links, are not up to standard. The best are made/sold in Germany and in South Africa - ex Germany. There are definite studies showing effective treatment for 'n number of medical conditions, including that of glaucoma - this was an interesting *'tiny' study.

For myself, am a bit of a bystander, but my glaucoma is such that there is no holding back the retinal damage, there is no medication that can really 'manage' the condition, and the retinal damage is/will eventually cause blindness. I am willingly (though a tad unwillingly) to give the Rife m/c a blast. Just gotta save up first... Note - the prices as charged in the USA for (reported) sub-standard m/cs is summat like 3xtimes that charged in Germany or Sth Africa. (Memory says c.Euro: 1,500/-.) In addition, always check 'who; is making the damning report...

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