Have permission to post following information on this thread - from the glaucoma group. The poster is having success with using the Rife for glaucoma and other problems. Have not edited too much - hope it have not muddled too much... :-

"The Rife resonator is a machine that generates electro-magnetic frequencies, which are relayed through the body via hands or feet or through a blanket.

"In 1920 the late Dr. Royal Raymond Rife designed and built a special light microscope with which he could visualize live viruses. He discovered that each virus, bacterium and parasite was fatally sensitive to a specific wave currency, which he was able to witness through the lens of his microscope. This principle is similar to that whereby a glass is shattered by a musical note at just the right pitch. Thus an organism can be selectively destroyed without harming the surrounding tissue.

"Although Dr. Rife did his research 1930-1971 (when he died) the electro-magnetic frequency generators have only become accessible in recent years due to improved computer technology and the spread of information via the internet. For many years, Dr. Rife was hounded and maligned by big pharmaceutical companies who felt threatened by his revolutionary discoveries.

"With Rife resonator not only are the viruses and other pathogens destroyed, but also damaged tissues are detoxified and regenerated and stress is reduced (reactive treatment). Rife therapy can therefore also be used to enhance general health and prevent illness (prophylactic treatment).

"USA still limits the Rife resonator. One of my Rife therapist told me that one of the best resonators come from Canada. I live in South Africa. My luck is Rife resonators are widely used in here and produced locally. I think that it is the culture. Also I also found out that the medical doctors here are more sympathetic to homeopathy. I have lived here for the last 19 years and I have a vet who practices homeopathy and a GP who is very open minded about it.

It is funny you mentioned that the father of a member (KA refers) was successfully treating his prostate cancer, because my therapist is also successfully managing his prostate cancer. He was given 6 months. The last 2 years he has been treating himself with Rife and other alternative therapies."

"I have been living with NTG and severe optic nerve atrophy for the last 8+ years and for the last 2 years I am using micro current wave therapy in the form of Rife resonator. I also have poor blood circulation and inflammation in my body, esp. after using the glaucoma drops inflammation increased. Since Rife my blood pressure is stabilized (J ) (70/100) and my ophthalmologist is happy with my 6 month check-ups. Now I am only using Lumigan 0,03 at nights. Really, I am very happy and sometimes I even forget that I am suffering from severe optic nerve loss. I live in South Africa and Rife resonators are widely used here and also manufactured locally. I know people here who manage their Lyme disease successfully with Rife. My husband shares my Rife to manage his Hiatal Hernia. At the beginning I went to a therapist for about 10 sessions and then I bought my own machine, smaller than the therapist’s, but good enough for me. It was the best thing I did for myself.

"I know that I am going to irritate some people and start a questioning session. But I believe that my problems have never been related my IOPs, but instead it is my whole body’s malfunction. I always had poor circulation. Since age 5, I suffered cystitis and since age 7 I have been very miyopic. Other than that I am very healthy and of average weight, on the tall side 58 year old energetic woman. Since I started the Rife, my energy levels increased and my joint pains and arthritis went away. Actually for the first time I am planning to go on a walking safari for 3 days in October, which I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do before. (One walks about 30 to 35 kms a day) If I come out of that with no problems, I am planning to do the 5 day one, and then maybe run a marathon (or rather fast walk)… I think that for the people living in USA the challenge would be, to find the right machine. There are so many rubbish out there shown as Rife resonators, but I know that there are good ones in Canada."

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