The red kidney beans went down very nicely. I enjoyed them a lot. I made that on Tuesday night, had some leftovers which I ate with rice yesterday (Thursday) for lunch. I ate a decent cup and a half of white rice with it as well both times.

Inflammation has been pretty good this week. I must warn however, I'm still taking my 100 mg of dyclofenac once per day. I do think it has increased inflammation a little bit.

My thoughts are...I will keep taking the dyclofenac for now as often as I need, get some of these foods in me that should feed gut bacteria and in turn strengthen the immune. I'm interested in what Art Ayers articles say about the immune producing TREG (T regulator cells) from the intestines which are cells that basically regulate the killer T cells not to attack the body. So based on that, I'm eating these "clean" and natural starch sources to feed the gut bacteria in the hope of producing a healthier immune full of TREG cells. Yes I think there is more inflammation as a result but its its not astronomical like it was in the past.

I have to give that a decent amount of time I feel to see how that works for me. 6 months at least I would think.

In the meantime, I'm having a good time eating those clean starches. Alternating high starch nights (where I eat around 550 grams of Potato or sweet potatoes) with my main meal (that's a LOT, half my plate at least) or half the amount of potatos, and add in some rice instead, and now adding in some kidney beans into Chilli dish. Then typically eat a green banana (or ripe one for that matter if I don't have a green one) with desert.

On my high starch nights I'm pigging out on my coconut cream chocolate ice cream as well for desert and add in a couple of coconut flour choc chip biscuits as well. I'm using the carbs to boost my total calories past 3500 on workout days. Try eating 3500 calories in just meat, eggs, fat and vege. I've tried.....its too hard and doesn't make you feel good whereas I can eat Potatos until I'm ready to burst, and then be ready to eat again in 90 minutes. They digest fast. It stokes up my metabolism which is great on workout nights. Slowly gaining weight. Gone from 84 kgs to 91kgs now over the last 2 months. I'm gaining weight at around .5 to 1 kg per week or 2. Its not fat.

Most of all....I feel great and my strength is increasing each week on the weights.

Diagnosed AS year 2000 age 26; First onset of major symptoms came with severe food poisoning leaving me in chronic pain hardly able to walk/sleep/sit - never been the same since; HLA-B27 positive; bouts of iritis; no biologics ever, controlling with NSAID's and diet but trying to get off NSAID's through various "biohacking" experimentations; Live in Auckland, New Zealand