Hi I just came as myself and since I signed up several years ago {I manage a flurry of posts about every 3 years) KellyAnn was available which means that Kelly was prob already taken. Now I go by KellyAPritchard on almost all things web. Twitter, Facebook, letters, yep I been here forever it seems but I don't know any of you and none of you know me yet. I will be around more now though as I'm retired and 65 years old and a beach bum. I like to think of going to the beach, but I sit here on my bum. I live by the sea. Like really close. So nice to meet ya all. Say Hi I need friends. I know do any of you have close family members or friends who have MS? I heard there may have been a connection between the two but they didn't know what. My best friend had MS and died from it 4 years ago. It got her bad. She thought my AS was just me wanting to emulate her MS n have people wait on me. Still waiting on myself.

"those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"