I know that fatigue, I imagine we all do here. In spite of the fatigue, I often find myself trying my best to stay awake at night. I'd rather stay awake than go through the mornings. I'm on Humira right now so that helps, although I had to stop taking it while sick.
I've been on biologics about 10 years now. Given the choice I'd do the same thing again. I was on Remicade for over 8 years until it didn't seem to work any more. Then I switched to my current Humira.
I'm not trying to push or assume, but just to make sure you and anyone else is aware, you can get on what they call a co-pay assistance for Humira. They put me on one and my copay is $5 for each month of Humira. I have health insurance, and we're comfortable as far as income. So I'm not sure how they determine whether you get it, I don't think it's because of income. Another thing, it's also very easy to get. They are extremely nice people.