The fatigue always gets pretty bad for me the 2nd week of my 2week shot/medication. I am due a shot on Saturday. I got up this morning at 6am, and it's only just now 11am or so that it's let up/ eased up for the day. Until just now my fatigue this morning was so bad I could barely function. I think the fatigue is worse than the pain, it often makes me depressed. It often drives me to bed around 8pm. I think some of it is from lack of sleep due to waking up in pain, or not sleeping due to pain.

In the mornings what gets me through it all is to listen to music and trying to move, walk, stand up. Although it's easy for me to get stuck and just sit or lay down which only makes it worse until about 11-noon. Getting into any altered state of mind helps. ie. music, reading, meditation, exercise, food or caffeine buzz, etc.,

I don't know. It's a mixed bag. I am glad I am not the only one though, cause 99% of the people around me don't know or get it. They just feel sorry for me if I try to tell them how I really feel. I usually just try to fake it until I make it. You know, grinning while sobbing on the inside.

Diagnosed with A.S., DDD, scoliosis, sleep apnea -- Tested positive for HLA-B27 gene; family history; visible damage on x-ray; significant iritis; enthesitis inflammation; fatigue; feverish; peripheral arthritis; Osteopenia; heart, G.I., and skin symptoms - :: - Insidious and often disabling pain started in my teens & 20's with heel pain; chest pain and hip-buttock in my early 20's; low back pain in my late 20's; mid thoracic and cervical in my 30's. Biologics in my 40's. (On remicade)