Have any of you even tried Meditation before coming up with conclusions he sent me his book for free ill give it to all of you for free if you want! It may not be a cure but it works for sure!

His guided meditation sample is free so why dome any of you try it? Im tryinh to help you people if you dont belive it then its up to you. But whats the harm in trying something free?

Ralphitness is another person who has made peace with AS an reclaimes his life search his youtube channel Ralphitness.

Everyone thinks its all to to with the body malfuctuonimg but its to do with your brain 80% flare ups are due to stress
God bless i hope this benefits one person atleast cant belive the responses i got lol

Your not alone........ There's always hope!
Keep Strong, keep smiling and keep your head up.
Singh means LION!!! ROAARRRR!