Hi Eska

I completely understand where everyone on this post is coming from these are people who have suffered the condition longer than i have been alive they have every right to be cautious and weary. I have only had symptoms for a year however i am so grateful for finding this method.

Regarding the guided imagery the answer is yes ive been doing it everyday for almost over a week now and my symptoms have improved greatly i have been able to add foods back into my diet which usually caused flare ups and symptoms of IBS, I feel as if i have more energy and my pain levels have been getting lower each day!

I have also started working out again my first session was a little painful but over the past few days it has become easier and easier i truly believe our bodies have the ability to heal if we provide the right environment and tackle the root causes of our symptoms.

If you give me your email i will foward the E-book to you for free and if you have a facebook account i would highly reccomend checking a group called The Philosophers solution for Ankylosing Spondylitis.

This group has 95 people who are treating their AS without medication and applying methods from Peter Winslow and Ralph Ruiz who are also both in the group. Its where people come together share ideas and observe quitely we do not boast, just take in and digest.

I was too exited and posted on KickAs where i wanted to help but i realized people will be skeptical and its not their fault but if you are searching for answers i am here to help!

Your not alone........ There's always hope!
Keep Strong, keep smiling and keep your head up.
Singh means LION!!! ROAARRRR!