Has anyone used Promethease to analyse DNA results in the determination of the IL23R and ERAP1 status?

I recently got my results and uploaded them to Promethease. I'm still trying to decipher the results but of the genes known to be associated with AS, I fall into the BAD Repute of IL23R across the board however GOOD in all 4 of the ERAP1 results.

Under rs7743761, the results show 20x increased risk of Ankylosing Spondylitis however the gene this falls under this SNP (I believe they call it) is DHFRP2 and shows diseases associated with DHFRP2 include systemic lupus erythematosus (per genecards.org) but no mention of AS on that site (nor have I seen DHFRP2 anywhere in relationship to AS).

Does anyone have light they could shed on understanding this and how (or if) it has relevance to the diagnosis of Spondylitis.