So would you say since both of the subset genes were identified in your profile (and mine) that it further confirms the diagnosis of AS (as per the pubmed below)?

I'm not sure if I'm reading it right to assume having the presence of the two substantiates the diagnosis or what. A little mixed with the findings and conclusion. I know I read somewhere that the two were linked directly to AS.

Under the IL23R my results were:

rs10889677(A;C) -- 1.5x increased risk for certain autoimmune diseases; 2x increased risk for Graves disease
rs11209026(G;G) -- Normal, but higher risk for certain autoimmune diseases.
rs1004819(C;T) -- 1.5x risk
rs11209032(A;G) -- 1.3x higher risk for spondylitis
rs1495965(A;G) -- 1.2x higher risk for spondylitis
rs1343151(C;C) -- normal risk
rs11465804(T;T) -- normal risk

Under ERAP1:

rs10050860(C;T) -- 0.71x lower risk for Ankylosing Spondylitis.
rs30187(C;C) -- Normal low risk (0.1%) for ankylosing spondylitis.
rs17482078(C;T) -- 0.76x lower risk for spondylitis
rs2287987(C;T) -- 0.71x lower risk for spondylitis
rs27044(C;C) -- normal risk