Yes I was diagnosed in 1986. The symptoms over those years (outside of low activity) are the typical of low back pain, bilateral SI pain that goes back and forth (narrowing joint), severe buttock pain, peripheral issues in the shoulder, hip and foot (heel and ankle), suspected enthesitis in both feet (said by a GP), IBS, diverticulosis, history of conjunctivitis (possibly associated), history of anemia, low Vitamin D levels, iron, etc. Much of this started as a pre-teen but years of doctors that called it imaginary to jealousy of sibling to growing pains it was dismissed over and over.

As an adult it got so bad I could not walk, lay still or stand in one place. It had affected my neck and shoulder and my spine has fractured in four places (just from a fall in my home on level ground). SED and CRP are essentially normal but 50% of cases are....inflammation was clear in my neck but that was seen by my Neurosurgeon. Stiffness and severe reduction in range of motion in most just goes on and on.

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM is that unless I was under constant care before moving here, the response I've gotten is there is no urgency to be seen.