That is in fact the article I was thinking of. I had viewed it a week or so ago and for some reason moved on and could not recall where I had seen it, naturally wanting to recall it thereafter.

Thanks for stopping my insanity of searching!

I have NOT been diagnosed with Crohns or IBD but have IBS and Diverticular Disease. My Mom has suffered with Diverticulitis for years and has a strong bout of it a few times a year. For the prevention, she takes nothing but an antibiotic which in time, heads it off. I do use Miralax daily when tends to limit my IBS to a moderate occurrence. I honestly believe that has been of great help. Anyway, I've wondered if there isn't something beyond that going on -- for both my Mom and I, but as yet, no suggestion of CD.

As for the Il23R focus, skin issues have never been a concern however as a child, I had frequent conjunctivitis (a couple times as an adult) and frequent soreness/redness and dry eye. I went to a Ophthalmologist and nothing was found but had no outbreaks so he said it could be but saw no damage. I have wondered if Lazik could have masked previous clue as the procedure is out of my realm of knowledge. So many avenues of research!