Hi Simply Southern,
Based on your results the most likely combination of allotypes for you would be MKDRQ and VKNQQ
That would correspond with the *002 allotype which is an 'efficient' trimmer and the other as *010 allotype which is one of the disease associated 'hypoactive' trimmers.

That combination of allotypes, because of their codominant expression, would most likely not develop AS - but you would probably have a greater risk of AS than me with my two *002 allotypes.

Interestingly, you have one of the minor alleles at rs10050860 -> the N amino acid at 575 - which, at least on it's own, is considered protective against AS.

Dx Oct 2006 B27+ undifferentiated spondlyarthropathy (uSpA) with mild sebhorrhoeic dermatitis and mild Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) controlled by NSD since 2007.