Hi jroc,

Allotypes *001 and *002 (previously referred by the authors of the earlier paper as 5SNP and WT haplotypes) would be the most common allotypes (*002 more than *001) for healthy controls, remembering of course the tiny sample sizes. The combination *001 and *002 allotype pair would normally not be associated with AS, but clearly you are an exception.

Usually *002, being an efficient trimmer would nullify the effects of *001 which is a 'hypoactive' trimmer.

Regards David

PS. I think the same concept when applied to IL23R will yield useful results. In the case of ERAP1 allotype pairs, cumulative loss of function is a risk factor for AS; whereas for IL23R, loss of function is protective against AS, because if IL23 can't engage functionally or properly with IL23R then inflammation will be shut down?

Dx Oct 2006 B27+ undifferentiated spondlyarthropathy (uSpA) with mild sebhorrhoeic dermatitis and mild Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) controlled by NSD since 2007.