Hi guys,

I have a bunch of questions, some of them admittedly dumb, so brace. I was diagnosed with AS about three years ago and, for the first two, I was on etoricoxib and sulphasalazine (still on). It's a typical case of sacroilitis -- last MRI that happened a year ago pegged it as moderately severe bilateral sacrolitits. In the one year that I have been without the NSAID, I've managed well (zero pain) thanks to exercise, some yoga, a little bit of walking and, occasionally, medium-impact sports like badminton and squash.

However, since I have had to go back to the NSAID recently -- the doctor has advised it to take in bursts of 7-8 days and not just a single dose -- I'm not sure if badminton and squash are advisable. I mean, they seem to put some strain on the SI, among other joints.

I can't recall any incident where the pain exacerbated following a game (also I have never played during bouts of pain), but I don't want to land a fractured joint, truth be told.

And then you have people like Michael Slater, who played int't level cricket despite AS.

In a fix!

Also, how much time does one have before sacrolitis wreaks havoc?